Autumn Winter 2015

Ebonics is a black symphony. A riff on exoticism - echoing through the ballrooms of the Harlem Renaissance. Seventies decadence reprises early 19th century representations of the Other via Chanel and Poiret but with an immediacy of the street. Carl Van Vechten’s portraits of homosexuality entwine with the tones of Langston, the gentle elegance of synchronised lovers, the music of spoken word is all there. 

Ebonics is a collection that unravels elements of formalwear with a rhythm disturbed by bejewelled visions of femininity. Deep tones of crushed velvet in mushroom, chocolate and indigo instantly become luxurious flares with hand embroidered cowrie shells and crystals by Swarovski. Wales Bonner’s signature top stitched denim is made formal in pinstripes, with an ivory raw silk cummerbund and creamrose pearls.


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