Vision Songs: Laraaji & Wales Bonner

All of a sudden
It’s another time
In another world
And another state of mind
- From ‘All of a Sudden’, Vision Songs Vol. 1, Laraaji

In 1984 celestial music pioneer Laraaji released his seminal album Vision Songs Vol. 1. Self-recorded during a spiritual retreat as well as in Laraaji’s apartment in NewYork the album is an offering of devotional and inspirational songs ‘channelled from the sky’.

The Vision Songs Capsule Collection springs from an artistic collaboration between Wales Bonner and Laraaji, evoking the ecstatic energy of Vision Songs and its gift of luminosity, bliss and healing Fabricated in pure cotton jersey, with hand-dyed offerings in radiant orange and pink, the collection is realised as a limited edition of 60 pieces. All of the profits will be donated to CARE India.

The Vision Songs Capsule Collection is accompanied by a photographic series created in collaboration with Bharat Sikka in Hampi, India.

Vision Songs, a Spotify playlist of devotional sounds from Laraaji compiled by Wales Bonner harmonises with the collection.

With gratitude to Laraaji ~ multi-instrumentalist, mystic and laughter meditation practitioner.

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