Spring Summer 2017

Ezekiel pictures the communion of the Caribbean and East Africa symbolised through Hailie Selaisse’s return. Restrained mohair suits in ebony speak, with brilliant white starched shirting, reflecting low church morality. Tension is felt in tightly pleated kilts with a split at the knee. The mix of cultural flavours and influences that arrive in the Caribbean emerge through new characters. A journey through the nightlife, fetish in glints of silver and studs, sphere earrings, lace-ups - Majestic sweat. 

The New Promise - Awakening - wet feel in black vinyl, linen dried in the sun - floating spirituals in ivory frock coats, romantic silk shirt dresses. Crochet collars are reminders of Caribbean home craft, like the hand - mended biker pants. Souvenir palm trees reinforce joints and elbows with delicate crystal.

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