Autumn Winter 2016

Spirituals is a meditation on black spirituality, a current that flows from the ancient past and carries us away on a journey to a future way out beyond the galaxies. Classic tailoring is sensualized, feminized with curves and synched waists, in shimmering checked suiting. A dusky camel suede coat, worn with ebony flares that puddle at the shoe. Sports suiting finds electricity in threads of Swarovski crystal embroidery and cowrie shell. Rural elegance felt in brown velvet suits, floating silk shirting. Earthiness in faded denim and horn bracelets, the luxury of boucle wool jeans. Lime green crocheted floppy sun hats, evocative of winters in hot climates. Street leathers. The heat and escapism of performance - sweat crystals. New spirituals.


Geerken, Hartmut and Chris Trent. (2015) Omniverse Sun Ra. London: Art Yard

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